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The Sanctuary of the Heart

When we meet in the Sanctuary of the Heart there is no separation so it doesn’t matter where in the physical world we are. I felt inspired to share a few moments when I had this experience this past week.

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The Light of Hope

Shining the Light of Hope in these uncertain times will help carry us through. Here are some of the blessings in disguise I have encountered so far during this pandemic.

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The Antidote to Fear and Isolation

The antidote to fear and isolation was made very clear in the Constellation a small group of us participated in while I was in Virginia earlier this month. May this story give you some peace and comfort during this challenging times.

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Dreaming of Miracles

Once in a while I have a dream that feels like more than just my unconscious mind doing some spring cleaning. These dreams feel like clear messages from Spirit giving me guidance on how to live a more peaceful life

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No Time for Fear

I had a great opportunity this week to remember not to get caught up in my head where fear and anxiety live. Instead, I did my best to remain in my heart where love and trust are always waiting to flow. 

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Eagle Connection

One of the messages of Eagle in Native American teachings is our connection to Spirit. I received a beautiful reminder of that connection this week.

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