I Believe in Miracles!


I have seen and witnessed more miracles this week than I can count.  When I use the word miracle, I’m talking about the kind described in A Course in Miracles, which defines a miracle as a shift in perception from a fearful way of looking at something to a loving way.  This happened many times during the Family Constellations I facilitated this weekend.  During both workshops on Saturday and Sunday, a theme emerged with participants who had been separated from their fathers for various reasons.  Some were angry, some were confused, and some were fearful.  It made my heart smile to see these participants become open to receiving a hug from the representative for their father by the end of their constellations.  I believe in miracles and the power of Family Constellations.

Recently, I learned that a dear friend has gotten caught up in an addiction.  I will admit I have had a few tearful and fearful moments thinking about this situation.  However, I have also had lots of prayerful moments by myself and with trusted friends who held the vision with me that my friend’s light still shown brightly under all those clouds.  This week a mutual friend shared with me that things were starting to turn around and that our friend was open to getting help.  I believe in miracles and the power of positive prayer.

Yesterday I experienced a miracle myself.  I started having fearful thoughts when my iPhone took a tumble and the screen went dark as I was rushing out the door to a meeting.  I tried to reset it and let it charge for a while during the meeting, but no luck.  My phone was unresponsive.  I chose to stay with loving thoughts as much as I could while driving to the Verizon store after the meeting.  When I explained my situation, they instructed me to take it to the Apple store.  As I waited to see someone at the Genius Bar, I kept repeating in my head my lesson for the day from A Course in Miracles.  “I trust my brothers, who are one with me.”  

With no phone to distract me, I kept repeating this mantra and thinking about what it meant to me.  There is no separation.  We are all one.  We all want to feel peaceful and happy.  No one at this store is out to get me.  Love is always on my side.  No matter what happens I will be okay.  I am not separate from my Source or anyone here at this store.  It’s all just a big Sea of Love.  I’m delighted to report my iPhone was still covered under warranty and they replaced it for free.  I believe in miracles and the power of practicing the Course!

If you’d like to see more miracles in your life, maybe it’s time to try Life Coaching or Family Constellations.  I base all of my coaching programs and constellations on the principles of A Course in Miracles, the teaching that has literally changed my life.  For more information, please visit my website or send me an email.  I’d be honored to help you shift your thoughts from fear to Love.  

Until next time remember, “Miracles are natural.  When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”  (Miracle Principle #6 from A Course in Miracles)

Have a miraculous week!

Messages from the Sky

Do you feel there is some sort of benevolent presence watching over you?  Regardless of what you may call it, I believe it’s there for all of us.  Some call it God or the Universe.  Some identify it as their guardian angel or a deceased loved one watching from above.  I happen to call this presence the voice of Love, or Holy Spirit, as A Course in Miracles describes it.  Sometimes this voice whispers to us, and sometimes it sings!

One evening last week I decided to take a break from my computer work to enjoy my favorite time at the beach.  The sun had less than an hour before it dipped below the horizon in the west.  The temperature was in the mid 70’s. There was a slight breeze.  The soothing sound of the surf washed away any cares I had.  The sky started painting a moving picture with a magnificent mixture of clouds and colors.  And then “they” started showing up.  Happy couples cuddling on blankets in the sand.  I can’t blame them for wanting to share this romantic, magical moment together.  And since it is a public beach, all are welcome, even cuddling couples.  

What was not welcome, however, was the voice of fear, my ego, telling me that there was something wrong with me because I was there alone.  Instead of enjoying that beautiful setting, I started imagining how much better it would be with someone special.  That led to other thoughts of things my ego would have me believe were missing from my life.  As the sky got darker, so did my spirits.  Luckily, I have been studying the Course long enough to know which voice was speaking in that moment. I could observe it, but it was still happening.  So I just watched the sky and my thoughts.

Then I did what anyone would do in that situation.  I went to my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, the Whole Enchilada, for a yummy tofu burrito.  They are so good!  I ordered my meal and sat down to send a few text messages while my burrito was being prepared.  That’s when I noticed the catchy tune playing in the restaurant.  I recognized the song but did not know the name, nor had I ever really listened to the lyrics before.  Thank goodness for the Shazam app!  When I opened the app on my iPhone, not only did it find the song, it started displaying the lyrics as they were being sung.  How cool is that?!

To say that the lyrics were exactly what I needed to hear in that moment would be an understatement.  It felt like Holy Spirit was singing directly to me in the dream, and my spirits and the corners of my mouth lifted immediately.  A wave of gratitude washed over me.  It may sound silly, but these little miracles help me to remember that this is merely a dream of separation.  In Truth, we are all one.  Nothing is ever missing, and only Love is real.  (Love and maybe burritos!)

If it feels like something is missing from your life, and burritos don’t seem to help, why not try Life Coaching or Family Constellations?  Both are excellent tools to bring you back to the awareness of Love’s presence.  That’s why it brings me great joy to offer both.  For more information please visit my website.  Also, feel free to recommend this blog to anyone whom you feel would enjoy my stories.  I love sharing them!  

And for those wondering what song was playing that night, click HERE to find out!

Until next time, keep your eyes and ears open for those messages…

Follow Your Heart


Well, that old inspiration, obligation, desperation lesson came up again this week.  Forgive me if you’ve heard this before, but since I’m learning it again it feels right to share it again.  I’m happy to report I did much better with it this time.  One of the producers of the movie “The Leap” shared this breakdown many years ago during a post film Q & A session I attended at Unity on the Bay.  He observed that we always make choices from one of three places: Inspiration, Obligation, or Desperation.  None of them are wrong.  The invitation is to notice where you are coming from and notice the results of your choices from each place.

This Saturday I was encouraged to attend a fundraising event at one of the centers where I facilitate workshops.  I was also invited to go to a concert with one of my best friends whom I have not seen in over a month.  For many reasons, including the fact that I have already donated about 5 hours of my time and graphic design skills in support of the fundraiser, my heart just isn’t into going to that event.  My heart definitely is saying yes to spending time with my spiritual brother!  So that is what I am going to do.

Yes, I could make the choice to attend the fundraiser, but is that really the energy I want to bring there?  I might be able to put on a happy face, but everyone there will feel on some level that I do not want to be there.  I learned this many times when my mother was still alive.  We always had fun when I was inspired to spend time with her. However, if my visit was out of obligation then she felt it, I felt it, and it usually ended up being an unpleasant experience for us both.  That’s certainly not the result I want this Saturday evening.

Now I know you might be thinking there are times when we have to do things we don’t want to do.  Yes.  For example, I was not thrilled to do my income taxes this year because it involved breaking down income and expenses into my two separate businesses.  But instead of forcing myself to do them at a designated time, I waited for inspiration.  One Saturday afternoon I just felt like, “Yes, I can tackle that paperwork today.”  And I did.  It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated and I believe it was because on that day I was inspired to do them.  I would also like to note that I was inspired to donate that time in support of the fundraiser, so the end product came out very well.  I’m just not inspired to be there for the actual event.  And that’s okay.  My heart is happy with my decision.

Maybe you’re feeling inspired to let go of something you have been carrying for a long time.  Or maybe you’ve been doing things out of obligation or desperation for so long it feels like those are your only two choices.  If you are at the point where you know something has to change, why not give Family Constellations or Life Coaching a try?  Both are great ways to take a step back and look at things from a fresh perspective.  I am always inspired when I have the opportunity to do both so please visit my website for more information.  

Until next time, may all your decisions be inspired ones!

The Two Wolves

two wolves facing off

In my opinion Disney hit another home run with the movie “Tomorrowland.”  It has plenty of action and great visual effects for the eyes, but more importantly, it has a beautiful message for the heart and mind.  Just like “Frozen” and “Maleficent” from the previous two years, this movie tells a fantastic tale full of twists and turns while demonstrating the importance of choosing love over fear.  The theme is not subtle in this movie.  Towards the beginning of the film, to my surprise and delight, one of the main characters shares the Native American fable of “The Two Wolves.”  It goes like this:

An elderly Cherokee brave told his grandson, 

“My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all.  One is Evil.  It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego.  The other is Good.  It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.”

The boy thought about it and asked, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.”

I first heard this story during the summer of 2008.  A Cherokee elder named Mom Feather shared it at a Native American ceremony I had the privilege to attend in South Carolina.  At the time I had been studying A Course in Miracles for about a year and a half.  This story blew me away because it captures the essence of The Course in just a few sentences.  It taught me that Truth rings loud and clear no matter what the spiritual tradition. 

It also rings loud and clear in these movies, which is why they strike a chord with audiences.  I encourage you to see all three of these films if you haven’t already.  The message is an important one, and to know that it is getting out there to the masses, and especially to children, makes my heart smile.  The last few minutes of “Tomorrowland” made it smile really really big!  Keep dreaming of a bright future despite what you may see on the news.

If you are having a hard time choosing love over fear even after seeing these movies, then maybe it’s time to try Family Constellations or Life Coaching.  Both are excellent tools to help shift your perspective.  I base all sessions on the principles outlined in A Course in Miracles.  For more information please visit my website or contact me directly.  I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the Course or these Disney movies!

Until next time, be mindful of which wolf you are feeding.

Is it time to hit the RESET button?


Have you ever been playing a video game that starts going very badly or working on your computer when it suddenly freezes?  Sometimes the only option is to hit the reset button and start fresh.  In life we need to do this too.  Over the past few months I found myself caught in a pattern of going to bed later and then sleeping later than I liked.  I had also been scheduling too much in a day so there was not much breathing room in between appointments.  Thankfully this pattern was broken this weekend. It started with an early morning flight on Friday forcing my sleeping schedule to shift.

I was invited to a place in Virginia called Serenity Farm to facilitate two Family Constellations workshops.  To say this farm lived up to its name would be an understatement.  It had endless fields of green grass, swaying trees, plenty of shaded benches for conversation or contemplation, a meditation garden with all sorts of colorful flowers and an angel statue, a path cutting through tall pine trees leading down to the peaceful pond you see in the picture, a magnificent main house with a library and sunlit breakfast nook, and an adorable smaller house with a healing room and screened in porch.

That porch served as the perfect place to do Family Constellations. Many gathered to be healed by that sacred land and to break free of patterns that were no longer serving them. Birds chirped in the background and cool spring breezes wafted through the screens as if on cue carrying away old belief systems.  Both sessions were unique and magical.  As with all constellations, there is more healing going on than meets the eye, and looking back I see this was also true for me the moment I landed in Virginia.

My hostess was unable to pick me up at the airport as planned, so she sent a dear friend (who happened to be another massage therapist) in her place.  She described her friend and the vehicle she would be driving, and also let me know her friend would arrive about 15 minutes after I landed.  She apologized for not being able to meet me herself and I told her not to worry.  It would all be just fine.  That was more true than I realized.  I literally whisked my bag off the baggage claim conveyor belt, pulled off the sticker, and walked through one of the exit doors just as the vehicle my hostess described pulled up to that very exit!  No need to call or text.  We found each other by Divine Appointment.

Engaged in a delightful conversation, the hour ride from the airport to Serenity Farm flew by.  When we arrived we were greeted by another of my hostess’s friends who was there to show me around and welcome me to the farm.  It turns out she is a healer as well.  Over the next 24 hours we discovered how very much alike we are despite our very different backgrounds.  I knew we were soul siblings when we hopped in her car to drive to Whole Foods and the soothing voice of Krishna Das began chanting out of her car speakers.  Later that evening the woman who picked me up returned and the 3 of us had the most amazing time in the healing room taking turns playing my crystal singing bowl on each other and administering some healing touch.  After being crunched in an airplane, my whole upper spine surrendered with several loud cracks back into alignment.  All three of us floated out of that little house.  Another Divine Appointment.

My eldest sister drove down to see me from Maryland on Saturday, and we had some wonderful one-on-one time after the workshop.  We chatted on the dock by the pond as the sun went down, and shared stories in the library until we were all caught up before going to bed.  Another Divine Appointment. I awoke the next morning to the sound of geese flying home after a long winter.  What a wonderful alarm clock!  Like the geese, my sister had to return home that morning, so after Sunday’s workshop, I found myself alone in that breathtaking beauty.  

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my hostess was not able to return home that day.  Mother Nature was my companion for the evening. I walked around barefoot in the grass, and then reclined in it to watch the clouds roll by overhead.  I visited the pond one last time to hear the frog symphony.  As I returned to the house I was treated to a light show of twinkling fireflies in the meadow as night fell.  And yes, at one point I even stopped to smell the roses by the swimming pool.  When I think of all the things that had to line up in order for my reset button to be hit in such a profound way, I know there must be a plan greater than mine at work.  And for that I am grateful.

Do you need to hit the reset button? Make time today to just BE in Mother Nature.  Five minutes will do if that’s all you have.  Apparently my case was a little more extreme.  Another great way to hit the reset button is with Family Constellations and Life Coaching.  Please visit my website for more information about both.  Perhaps we have a Divine Appointment?

Wishing you blessings of Serenity today and every day…

Are You Willing To Continue Carrying Someone Else’s Pain?


Forgiveness is one of the key components of A Course in Miracles and living a peaceful life.  I heard a great definition of forgiveness on the Oprah Winfrey Show years ago.  Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past will be different than it was.  That one really struck me and I use it often with my coaching clients.  This past week I heard another great perspective on forgiveness while listening to the HayHouse World Summit online.  In his talk about forgiveness, Kyle Gray asked this question. “Are you willing to continue carrying someone else’s pain?”

It reminded me of that old exercise where one is asked to carry a stone for every person with whom they have a grievance.  The more grievances you have, the heavier that satchel is to carry around.  And that is exactly what we are doing.  When someone hurts us, it is because they are in pain and making choices from fear.  So if we continue to think about what they did or didn’t do, we are actually perpetuating that pain. Now we are the ones carrying the burden and feeling the pain, not them.  All we need to do is set them down, and sometimes ask a higher power to help lift them from us.

Kyle’s question struck me so profoundly, that of course, life gave me an opportunity to ask it right away.  I travel to Miami every Monday afternoon for work. On my way home I often visit the Busy Bee Carwash in North Miami for a $5 “quickwash.” Last week the carwash broke while I was inside.  It spit some suds on my car, but none of the twirling brushes or swaying strips of fabric were moving.  Even the conveyor belt stopped so I eventually had to drive out. It was closing time and the attendants told me there was nothing they could do except rinse the suds off with a hose.  The managers had gone home for the day and attendants were not authorized to give refunds.  I accepted this as my only option in the moment, thanked the attendant for rinsing off my car, and set my intention to speak to a manager the following week when I was back in Miami.

That was this Monday, and things did not go well.  Apparently the managers leave at 6 pm every day, two hours before the carwash closes.  I arrived at 7:30.  But when I saw the two attendants who were there last week, I felt certain they would remember what happened and let me get the carwash I never received.  No.  They were convinced I was trying to scam them because a whole week had passed.  My explanation of living in Fort Lauderdale and only being in Miami on Mondays was not sufficient.  Again they told me there was nothing they could do since the managers had gone home.  It honestly never occurred to me that they wouldn’t practice good customer service and allow me to get my car washed.  I left the Busy Bee mad as a hornet and ready to sting someone!

My first thought was to call and leave an angry message on their voice mail or write a bad review on Yelp. Then I remembered Kyle’s question.  Was I willing to carry their pain?  Their choice came from fear.  Was I willing to perpetuate it?  More importantly, wasn’t my inner peace worth more than $5?  I answered “no” to all of these questions.  Continuing to think about how wrong the attendants were and how right I was would never allow me to feel peaceful.  I imagined myself laying down the stones my ego wanted me to throw at them.  I asked for divine help to see the situation differently.  Eventually I was able to send them peaceful thoughts. The chain of pain stopped with me.  I will simply find another place to wash my car!

Yes, I understand some events have cut much deeper wounds than a $5 carwash.  The good news is the forgiveness process outlined in A Course in Miracles works no matter how big or small the “offense.”   The very first miracle principle states, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.”  I would be honored to assist you in finding that peaceful place again no matter what has happened in your life.  I base both my Life Coaching and Family Constellations on the principles of A Course in Miracles.  Visit my website for more information.  Until next time, I invite you to stop the chain of pain, set down those stones, and feel how much lighter you feel!

Judgy Judgerson


Do you know Judgy Judgerson, someone who is constantly criticizing or making fun of other people?  We have all done it, myself included.  Recently I was at a small gathering  at a friend’s house where one of the guests was flipping through People Magazine.  Each celebrity in the pages became the topic of conversation and everyone discussed what they did or didn’t like about that person.  Most of it wasn’t nice and it made me uncomfortable. However, this is a very subtle trap.  If I started to judge them for judging others, then I am no different.  Interestingly enough, my daily lesson in A Course in Miracles the next day was all about judgment.  In Lesson 151 the Course says, “No one can judge on partial evidence.  That is not judgment.  It is merely an opinion based on ignorance and doubt.”  Later in that same lesson it says, “You have often been urged to refrain from judging, not because it is a right to be withheld from you. You cannot judge.”

What that says to me is we do not have all of the information necessary to make a judgment about someone else’s life.  We don’t know what the future holds.  We don’t know what someone has experienced in their life to influence their decisions.  We don’t know what they are thinking.  We couldn’t possibly know all of the factors involved from our limited perspective.  We only have “partial evidence.”  Haven’t we have all made mistakes or done things we aren’t proud of?  Luckily most of us do not have them photographed and written about in People Magazine.  

I will never forget an incident that happened when I was in high school.  My best friend and I would drive around in his car a lot just to get out of the house.  I needed to escape my mother’s drinking and he needed to escape his parents’ judging.  One night there was a van stopped in the middle of a residential street blocking our way.  I rolled my window down to yell something like, “Hellooooo!  This is a street, not a parking lot!”  The van still didn’t move so we eventually drove around it.  That’s when we saw why the van was stopped.  Someone was lying on the ground in front of it.  I don’t know how that person ended up there, but whatever the case I felt despicable for yelling that out the window.  I certainly didn’t have all the facts before making my judgment of the van driver.  It was definitely a powerful lesson because I still remember it 30 years later!

One of my biggest challenges is not judging people who repeatedly choose to drink a lot of alcohol.  I understand why this challenges me given my tumultuous upbringing in an alcoholic household, yet I have learned a lot since then.  I couldn’t possibly know what is best for someone else’s soul journey.  I do not know what pain they might be trying to numb.  And just to be clear, it’s not like I have never had too much to drink.  There have been plenty of times, some of them in the not too distant past.  I do know all of us are looking for peace and joy.  Getting drunk is one way to find them, albeit a temporary one.  

But there is someone who does know what is best, someone who has all of the information necessary to make a judgment.  A Course in MIracles calls this someone Holy Spirit or the Voice of Love.  Other’s call it God, the Universe, their Higher Self or Inner Guide.  Whatever you call it, I trust it.  I trust that everyone is doing exactly what is best for him or her in that moment, regardless of my opinion.  So the next time you are tempted to judge with partial evidence, maybe you will remember my van story and leave the judging to Judge Judy.  She gets paid for it.

If there is a person or situation you are having a difficult time not judging, perhaps now is a good time to attend a Family Constellation or schedule a Life Coaching session.  Both will help you see things from a higher perspective so you can find peace again. I love sharing what I have learned from A Course in Miracles because it really works!  Please visit my website for more information and to register for a session or group.

Until next time, remember that the True Last Judgment is that you are Pure Spirit, innocent and whole.  All is forgiven and released…

Inside Out


“Inside Out” is one of my favorite tracks on Madonna’s new CD, Rebel Heart.  She sings “Let me love you from the inside out.”  So much of our world is backwards.  We base our beliefs and actions on outward appearances. We look for things on the outside to make us happy on the inside.  A Course in Miracles is all about reversing the thinking of the world.  It says in the beginning of Chapter 21, “The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that.  But though it is no more than that, it is not less.  Therefore, to you it is important.  It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition.”  In simpler terms, if you are not feeling peaceful inside, then conflict and chaos will show up in your life to reflect that.

What better example than the story splashed across media headlines recently when Diane Sawyer interviewed Bruce Jenner.  Like thousands of transgender people around the world, he courageously shared that his outward picture has never matched how he feels inside, causing turmoil throughout his entire life.  No matter how fast he ran in the 1976 Summer Olympics to win the gold medal in the decathlon, he could not run away from what he was feeling inside. Like many, without thinking, I judged his choices for changing his appearance back in the 80’s, and then again more recently if I happened to see his photo on one of the tabloids at the grocery store.  I guess I wanted him to match the outward picture of the athlete I had a crush on before I even knew who I was!  Now I applaud his decision to transform the outer to match the inner, because I understand that it doesn’t work the other way around.  He tried and it didn’t work.

One of my greatest lessons in how futile this is happened when my mother moved to Florida in 2005.  I mistakenly believed that her life would turn around here with me.  No one knew her past so she had a chance to make a fresh start.  She traded evergreen trees for palm trees and blizzards for beaches, yet how she felt on the inside did not change.  She did not trade anger for peace, resentment for acceptance, guilt for joy, or feelings of unworthiness for feelings of being loved.  It wasn’t long before her drinking started again and her home became an unimaginable and unlivable mess.  The outside picture matched the inward condition.  Meanwhile, I thought she had to change so I could be happy. The last six years of her life taught me just the opposite.  I was the one who had to change.  I had to stop thinking there was something to fix.  The Course puts it so beautifully in that same section from above. “Therefore seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.”

If you want to experience more peace in your life, first be gentle with yourself. Stop beating yourself up for what you think you did or didn’t do.  Take a minute to think of your positive qualities or an action you are proud of. Stop looking in the mirror at all the things you want to change.  Instead, look for the things you appreciate about yourself. Then extend that same courtesy to others.  Stop judging them by their appearance or for their choices that may not match what you would do. Honor them for where they are on their journey, knowing they are doing what they think is best based on what they currently believe.  Then look for things you love and appreciate about them.  Once you change your mind, your experience of the outside picture will follow!

This is exactly what happens during a private or group session of Family Constellation, and during Life Coaching sessions with me, since I base both on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.  If you’re ready to change the inside so that what your experience on the outside can change, visit my website and schedule a session. Until next time, remember the advice the old beggar woman gave to the prince in the prologue of Beauty and the Beast. “She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”  I see the light in you!

Life is Like Kite Surfing!


While coaching a client this week I shared this observation that I made last year.  Now I realize this is a bold statement coming from someone who’s never actually been kite surfing, so anyone reading this who has done it please feel free to comment.  Whenever I see those bright colored sails over the ocean dragging the surfers along at incredible speeds I am in awe.  The experienced surfers know how to navigate the wind and the waves just right allowing them to soar in the air for several seconds before plunking back down into the sea.  It looks so freeing!   The wind and the kite take care of propelling the surfers forward.  It seems to me their job is to stay balanced on the board, keep it and themselves above water, and stay in harmony with the wind and waves.

Isn’t life like that?  It is always pulling us forward.  Our job is to stay balanced and keep our thoughts positive.  We also have to stay in harmony with life and accept “what is.”   It would do a kite surfer no good to scream and yell at the wind for blowing the wrong way or shout at the waves for being too close together.  They simply have to accept the conditions as they are and then make adjustments to their stance, their grip, or the position of the kite.  Once the adjustments are made they will begin to move in a new direction and accomplish the tricks and flips they desire.  Sometimes life does take us to exhilarating heights!  And just like the kite surfers, we eventually come back down, sometimes with a crash and a dip below the surface of the water.  But like the surfers, our job is simply to get back up on the board and not stay swimming around in the despair.  Allow life in the form of healthy spiritual practices, good friends, family, and things that bring you joy to pull you back up and send you streaming through the water again.

Coaching and Family Constellation are great ways to pull yourself up.  I’m so excited to be doing another workshop next Sunday with Michelle Blechner at the Family Constellation Institute of Miami.  This month we are looking at “Rebuilding Trust with Your Inner Child.”  The last Inner Child workshop we did together was very powerful and transformative, and since the energy is always expanding, I know this one will be too!  You can register HERE.  And for those of you in the Fort Lauderdale area, please join us every 1st Wednesday evening of the month from 7-10 PM or every 3rd Saturday afternoon from 2-5 PM (which happens to be this Saturday!) at Bridges of Wellness for group sessions of Family Constellation.  More details are on my website.

Thank you for reading and all the great comments on my FaceBook and Blog pages. Until next time, may you stay in harmony with life so you can keep sailing and soaring!  In keeping with the Kite Surfing theme, here is a link for some great metaphorical advice on how to turn your life around.  Do you have any insights like this to share?  What is life like to you? Please let us know in the comments below!

The Ego Wears Thigh Highs


I am so grateful to my A Course in Miracles friend Michael for inviting me to see “Pippin” with him at the Broward Center on Easter Sunday.  Wow. We were both blown away by the show and it’s powerful message.  To us, it was right from the Course.  The Course talks a lot about the ego and it’s mantra, “Seek but do not find.”  The show is about a young man named Pippin who is searching for meaning in his life.  He tries a variety of titillating pursuits such as war, sexcapades, political activism, and leadership, but none leave him feeling fulfilled.  He is “guided” along the way by a sleek, sexy woman in black thigh high boots with a sultry voice singing to him about the extraordinary life he is meant to live.  Like the ego, she keeps him in search mode, always looking but never finding, never content with his here and now.  The show is flashy and colorful set against a circus performance background with plenty to keep Pippin and the audience distracted, just like many things in our lives keep us distracted.

We don’t all need to be circus performers or have famous lives like Joan of Arc, President Obama, or Oprah Winfrey to be extraordinary. The ego is always telling us we are not enough. Sometimes that causes us to look to material things or outside circumstances to make us feel special? I’ll be happy once I’m a best selling author, have a BMW, or I find the perfect partner. Fill in the blank for your own life. Can you remember a time when you got something that you had been wanting for a long time? What happened next? I bet it seemed to make you happy for a while, but it wasn’t long before you set your sights on something else.  That’s exactly what the ego wants us to do. Seek but do not find happiness.  In the second act, Pippin finds happiness for a year in an everyday situation, but then that sultry voice starts singing to him again about the extraordinary life that is waiting for him, and he runs away. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say the show closes with a powerful and thought provoking scene that will stay with me for a long time.

In the past few months, I have reached a new level of contentment with my here and now.  I am at peace with where I am living, what I am doing, my relationship status, and the people in my life.  I have found joy in the simple things in life, like being silly with friends in front of a fish tank at a fancy hotel in Del Ray Beach, sharing a smile with a stranger on my beach walk, and writing these blogs and more chapters in my book.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be a best selling author one day, or the president, or have my “own” TV network (although I’m fairly certain I won’t be leading any wars.)  It just means that like Pippin, I have learned that an extraordinary life is not made up of flashy, extraordinary events.  It is made up of a series of ordinary events that evoke feelings inside me of peace, love, joy, and contentment.  So the next time the sultry voice of the ego tries to trick you into thinking you need to be more or have more to be happy, tell her to strut those thigh high boots right offstage.  You’re listening to the still, small voice of Spirit leading you to true happiness!

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Until next time, as the cast sings in the opening number of Pippin, “We’ve got Magic to Do!”  But it can be done right where you are!  You don’t have to go looking for it.