An Exploration of Belonging with Family Constellations

A sense of belonging is one of our deepest needs, and yet so many of us feel disconnected, disoriented, and not quite sure of our place in the world. With so much changing so quickly, it’s no wonder many of us are questioning where exactly we belong. Family Constellations can help.

In this experiential workshop, we will explore what it means to belong and uncover hidden dynamics in our families that prevent us from finding our place. Family Constellations provides a safe space to integrate was has been excluded, reconnect what was been disconnected, and reorganize what has been scrambled due to the challenging and often painful experiences of our ancestors.

I will share what I’ve learned about belonging from facilitating this powerful work for more than 8 years as well as stories that illustrate new ways to belong. We will be doing a combination of full constellations and exercises to give each participant a direct experience of belonging. With the help of our ancestors and each other, we will claim our place and know that we truly belong right where we are. 

Family Constellations is a powerful healing tool that reveals what we are carrying for our ancestors that keeps us trapped in self-destructive patterns and prevents us from living happy, healthy, prosperous lives. In this experiential online workshop, you will gain insights and new perspectives about your own family dynamics and discover what you might have inherited that is holding you back from reaching your highest potential. Once we see the bigger picture and discover where the energy is stuck, we put things back in place and let the energy start moving again. The results can be life-changing.

Family Constellations can help you:

  • Restore Harmony in Relationships
  • Release Anxiety and Stress
  • Improve Health
  • Increase Prosperity
  • Thrive at Work
  • Break Free of Self-Destructive Patterns
  • Connect Deeply with Others

Now you can experience this miraculous process from the comfort of your own home using Zoom on your computer or tablet. 

This will be a 3-hour online workshop with at least one break in the middle to allow you to step away from your computer.

Please plan to join this meeting using a computer or tablet.  Using a device with a camera is best. Joining with a smartphone is not recommended as the display is small and you will only see one person at a time. Joining with an ordinary phone using a call-in number is also not recommended since you will not have a video component. I also recommend using earbuds with a microphone if you have them. This will help you to be heard and to hear better.

Plan this time away from distractions. For group constellations to work, participants  must have a private space where they will not be disturbed, not be multi-tasking, and have access to video. We respectfully ask that you refrain from eating, texting, internet browsing, or other activities during the workshop to maintain sacred space.

We will be taking at least one break in the middle of the 3-hour workshop to allow you to step away from your computer or tablet.

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“When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.”  ~  Brené Brown

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