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Everyone wants to be seen and heard, everyone wants to connect, be authentic and real and some need a guide, some need permission, some need someone to trust. You offer it all. Today‚Äôs Virtual Family Constellations Workshop was a gift from heaven and you delivered it in so many ways. It was exquisite, mystical, and beyond description really. I was filled up. My deepest gratitude to you for your gift that you share so beautifully. 

Maggie ~ Santa Rosa, CA

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day for me. I kept attending your workshops in the hopes that my name would be chosen out of the basket. Yesterday was the first time I was chosen to be a part of the constellation. I learned that my name doesn’t have to be chosen to be an integral and significant part of the healing that happens. In being of service and engaging in that way, I participated in healing for more than myself. What I experienced was deep and profound and I am deeply grateful. Thank you for so beautifully and lovingly facilitating this important work. 

Jonnie ~ Houston, TX

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