Are you ready for a miracle? I would love to help you live your best life with a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions, a Private Family Constellations Session, or by having you join one of my online A Course in Miracles Study Groups.

Spiritual Coaching

Are you in the middle of or about to begin a major transition in your life? Are you feeling stuck in your current job or relationship? Are you feeling overwhelmed or anxious about life in general? These are challenging times. I would be honored to help you experience more happiness, peace, and prosperity every day while supporting you with some simple but powerful new practices and perspectives.

Family Constellations

Try this miraculous healing tool that reveals the unconscious and often surprising sources of recurring patterns that keep you from the happy life you were meant to live. Whether you book a Private Session or join one of my Group Sessions, you will be amazed by this revolutionary healing modality!


Join one of my online A Course in Miracles study groups and take your spiritual exploration into new territory. Maybe you have picked up the book and felt overwhelmed by it. Maybe you’re curious about it because you’ve heard it referenced by numerous spiritual teachers. During our weekly virtual gatherings on Zoom, we will take the mystery and heaviness out of this big blue book and put the joy and lightness back into it.