Wishes & Stardust

On the day after Thanksgiving, my sister and I went to see Disney’s latest animated film, Wish. It received mixed reviews from critics, but we both loved it. The music was inspiring and fun, blending perfectly with the empowering and hopeful story. Wish uses light as a metaphor to infuse the story withspiritual themes like the power of connection and truth of our oneness. 

As a longtime student of A Course in Miracles, I can’t help but smile when I see its teachings sneak into mainstream movies. For example, Disney’s mega-hit Frozen was, in my opinion, “The Course for Kids.” Ana and Elsa’s story demonstrated what’s possible when we choose love over fear. Without spoiling any major plot points in Wish, I’d like to share a few scenes that really touched on spiritual truth. 

When Asha, the main character, wishes upon a star, a burst of light emanates from that star and completely envelopes her before sweeping across the land. She later discovers that light touched every person on her island and delivered a moment of joy and hope to all. No one understood what happened, but they all felt it. Connection to something greater than ourselves usually has that effect on us. This aligns beautifully with one of the best and simplest definitions of spirituality I have ever read from Cindy Wigglesworth, author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence.

Spirituality is an innate human need to be connected with something larger than ourselves.

Shortly after that burst of light, the forest comes alive to sing “I’m a Star” to our heroine. The lyrics are actually quite deep for a children’s movie, but like most Disney films, they are not just for kids and the messages will meet you where you are. The plants and animals invite Asha to see that we are all stars. No, not movie stars, but actual twinkling stars like the ones we see at night. At one point they sing, “We are our own origin story.” But they add, “That might not sink in ’til the morning!” Click here to have a listen.

My dear friend and mentor, Dr. Charles Geddes, often says that we are made of stardust. I love this because he means it both literally and poetically. Science tells us that the same elements and molecules that comprise gasses in a star also make up our physical bodies. Planetary scientist and stardust expert Dr. Ashley King explains. “It is totally 100% true: nearly all the elements in the human body were made in a star and many have come through several supernovas.”

Meanwhile, many spiritual traditions speak of the light within and encourage us to shine our light, just like the stars. What a beautiful concept to celebrate in song!

Speaking of interesting concepts to sing about, imagine my surprise when I heard those furry forest critters ask, “What’s passed down generationally…to you and me?” Are they doing Family Constellations in the woods? 

Many of you have experienced the ancestor meditation I guide during a Family Constellation group or individual session. At the beginning of that meditation, I invite participants to breathe into their heart space where that divine spark lives in each of us. Without giving too much away, there’s a scene toward the end of the movie where this heart light begins to glow in all of the islanders. When they reclaim their power and work together, amazing things happen. To see this image depicted on the silver screen made my own heart glow! 

If you enjoy animated films, don’t miss the opportunity to see this one in the theater. For longtime fans of Disney movies, Wish is also chock full of subtle and not-so-subtle nods and tributes to the past 100 years of Disney animation. I plan to see it again so I can catch the ones I missed! Click here for a sneak peak of the powerful theme song, “This Wish.”

Whether you see the movie or not, I encourage you to remember that YOU are a star! If I can help you reveal more of your inner light and experience more peace, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I know this time of year can be especially challenging for many. It would be my great honor to support you with a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions or a private Family Constellations Session. Both can be done on Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime from anywhere in the world. For more information or to book a session, please look around my website. I look forward to shining with you!

Together we shine with brightness so intense that none of us alone can even think of it.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-13.X.14:2

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