Counting Blessings Before They Are Hatched

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling very optimistic about 2024. Just last week, I received another hopeful sign. While walking from my car to my front door, I noticed a large round object next to the sidewalk. At first, I thought someone had left a rock in the grass, but when I got closer, I could see a geometric pattern on the surface. It was a little turtle that had completely retreated into its shell.

When I stood still for a moment, her head poked out and she continued with her task at hand. I couldn’t believe my luck. This is the second time this year I’ve been in the right place at the right time to witness a mama turtle laying eggs!

You may recall I wrote about this in April on the 12th anniversary of my mother’s passing. (Click here if you missed that story.) Over the years, I’ve had several connections involving my mother and turtles, so I took this as her sign that she was with me. That day in April was the start of what became a very challenging spring, and it gave me great comfort to feel my mother’s presence. What are the odds that mama turtle would lay her eggs on that day at the exact moment I looked out my window?

And now, as we approach the end of 2023, it happened again! I was returning home from my morning walk right when another mama turtle chose to lay her eggs mere steps from my front door. You may call it a coincidence, but I choose to see it as another message from my mom.

It seems significant that this happened on the Tuesday after Christmas. Had this been any other Tuesday, the landscaping crew would have been on the property wielding noisy lawnmowers and leaf blowers. That certainly would have scared the turtle away, but since Monday was a holiday, they adjusted their schedule and came on Wednesday instead.

It’s also odd that no one else was around during this time. On days when school is out, kids are usually running or riding bikes along that sidewalk. On this day, it was eerily quiet. As far as I know, I’m the only one who passed by. It’s as if the stars aligned perfectly so that she would not be disturbed and I would encounter her. 

After taking a few photos and a short video of this divinely timed miracle, I went inside to take a shower. When I returned, the mama turtle had finished laying her eggs and was now covering them up with her back flippers. How she managed to do this without looking, I’ll never know. Her work was impeccable!

When I returned from lunch about an hour later, she was gone leaving no evidence that she had ever been there. Had I not seen her earlier, I would not have noticed the small patch of mud where she laid her eggs. It was packed perfectly flush with the rest of the terrain. The next day, I felt inspired to place a few small rose quartz crystals around the perimeter of her nest and say a prayer of protection over those little eggs.  

Neither the timing nor the metaphor of this experience was lost on me. Thanks for this hopeful message, Mom! You’re not supposed to count chickens before they hatch, but I’m counting these blessings before the turtle eggs hatch. I believe our dreams and desires have been incubating like those turtle eggs, and I affirm that many blessings will hatch in 2024 for all of us! 

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Communication is not limited to the small range of channels the world recognizes.

A Course in Miracle ~ M-25.2:2

The Wolf of Hope

I had prepared another story to share with you this week, but given the recent tragic events in the Middle East, I felt this Cherokee legend might be more helpful. 

An elderly Cherokee brave told his grandson, 

“My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.”

The boy thought about it and asked, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.”

I first heard this story during the summer of 2008. A Cherokee elder named Mom Feather shared it at a Native American ceremony I had the privilege to attend in South Carolina. At the time, I had only been studying A Course in Miracles for about a year and a half. This story blew me away because it captures the essence of The Course in just a few sentences. It taught me that Truth rings loud and clear no matter where it appears or in which spiritual tradition. 

It’s easy to lose hope when we see and hear stories describing the horrors and injustices humans inflict upon each other at home and around the planet. Let’s feed the “Wolf of Hope” in our minds and extend peace and light to anyone suffering from hate and violence throughout the world. May our combined light cast out all darkness.

For in grace you see a light that covers all the world in love, and watch fear disappear from every face as hearts rise up and claim the light as theirs. 

A Course in Miracles – W-168.4:3

Things Change

A peaceful view of Sarasota Bay.

It was a gray, drizzly day last Wednesday when I awoke. The weather app on my phone predicted a 100% chance of rain in the next hour. That didn’t leave much hope for a morning walk along Sarasota Bay. I surrendered to the fact that I’d be rolling out my yoga mat instead of lacing up my walking shoes that day.

As much as I love my yoga practice, on this particular day, my body was craving some brisk movement outdoors more than focused breathing and stretching. There were just too many thoughts bouncing around in my head. Lacking sufficient motivation to start my practice, I let myself stay in bed a little longer thinking about life and listening to the rain falling on the roof. 

To my surprise and delight, by the time I got out of bed 30 minutes later, the rain had stopped and the sun was starting to peek through the clouds. When I checked the weather app on my phone, somehow 100% rain had dropped to just 20%. I don’t know how or why this happened. Perhaps strong winds moved the storm out to the Gulf of Mexico more quickly than predicted. 

Whatever the reason, I was grateful for this unexpected shift in the weather. I decided to risk the 20% chance of getting wet for the opportunity to be outside in nature. That risk paid off! The rain clouds dissipated and it turned out to be perfect walking weather. Obviously, the moral of this story is “when you stay in bed longer your life gets better.” I’m kidding! 

But you might be wondering why am I sharing this story. It occurred to me that this minor event was a metaphor for life’s bigger rainstorms. When life is really challenging, part of our mind gets stuck thinking it will always be this way. Despair sets in. The dictionary defines despair as the complete loss or absence of hope. From this mindset, it seems we will always be struggling or stressed out. 

However, that’s just not true. Things do change. In fact, the one thing that is certain about life here on Planet Earth is that everything changes. And typically without any assistance from us! One unexpected opportunity can change the course of your life. 

A family moves into your neighborhood and you make a new best friend. Someone retires or changes careers and an exciting job opportunity opens up. You learn about a new healing modality while attending a book group that becomes a rewarding career. A dear friend gifts you a book that introduces you to a provocative spiritual teaching that brings you more peace than anything you have previously encountered. 

Those familiar with my story know those last 2 examples are how I found Family Constellations and A Course in Miracles. Both have changed my life in unimaginably beautiful ways. But this is my point. I wasn’t looking for either of them. I was just living my life and they found me! I see this as evidence that Life is always conspiring for our good in a multitude of ways. I still forget this all the time, so I’m grateful when an unexpected change in the weather reminds me of this truth.

No matter what you’re going through and growing through, I hope this little story reminds you that things can change quickly and unexpectedly. I encourage you to keep your eyes, ears, and most importantly, your heart open. Eventually, the sun will break through the clouds. Trust that a miracle wants to happen!  

Could you use some assistance in maintaining peace while things are challenging? Would you like some support and guidance as you initiate positive changes in your life? I would be honored to walk the path with you a while with a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions or a private Family Constellations Session. Send me an email for more information or book a session on my website. It might be just the change you are waiting for. I look forward to working with you!

Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-1.I.6:1-2

Why Would This Be Any Different?

I recently learned that this “S” is the Kryptonian symbol for Hope!

“Why would this be any different?” That’s the question I finally remembered to ask myself on the day of my move last month. Until that point, everything about my new apartment had fallen into place perfectly. My sister found this community during her visit last spring. I mentioned it felt like it was time to move when my lease was up in August. Being a good Virgo and a good big sister, she started searching for apartment communities online. Of the many we visited, this one just felt right. 

A miracle happened the very first time we came here. I parked my car in a “future resident” space so we could walk around the property to get a feel for it. Barely a minute into our walk, we encountered a woman walking her dog along the sidewalk. When the woman saw us move off the sidewalk to give her and her dog space, she said, “Don’t worry. She’s very friendly. Her name is Hope. We’re on our way to a weekly street festival to celebrate her Gotcha Day!”

Hope was indeed very friendly, so I bent down to pet her while we continued our conversation. This felt like the perfect opportunity to ask this woman if she liked living here. Apparently, she liked it very much because she proceeded to go on a 10-minute rant about the wonderful perks of living in this community. She said the staff in the office is extremely nice. The maintenance team responds quickly to issues. I asked if it was quiet, and she replied yes! She works from home and has never had an issue with noise. My ears perked up when she added that high-speed Internet is included in the rent. Honestly, she could not have been more complimentary or enthusiastic about living here. 

The fact that her dog’s name was Hope was not lost on me. After some unpleasant encounters with neighbors and noise issues over the past 6 months at my old apartment complex, I was hopeful that this might be the perfect sanctuary for my next home. 

That was a Friday evening. On Monday morning we returned to look at a unit and I absolutely loved it. We learned there was such a demand for apartments that they had a waiting list. This felt like another good sign. I still had 3 months before my lease was up so I was confident there would be a vacancy by the beginning of August. I filled out all the necessary paperwork and paid the application fees so I could be put on the waiting list. 

When June 7 arrived, I had to take a leap of faith. My old apartment complex required a 60-day notice if I was not going to renew my lease. I was still number 2 or 3 on the waiting list at the new place. When I checked in with Spirit, the guidance I received was to give my notice and trust that an apartment would become available. It was a little scary, but I have learned to trust that guidance. If an apartment didn’t become available, I knew I could get my application fees and security deposit back and another option would reveal itself. 

About 2 weeks later, I got a call from the new apartment complex telling me a unit had become available. And not just any unit. They call it “the Villa.” It’s the only one of its kind in the entire complex because it is where the property manager used to live. It’s a first-floor unit with no one living above it, and it shares just one wall with the neighboring building. It’s like a little house in the middle of an apartment community. I will admit, this wasn’t what I envisioned for my new living space. I pictured a second-floor unit with a balcony overlooking the pond and fountain like I had grown to love in my old place. However, this uniquely private unit sure was enticing.

I needed time to ponder this decision, so I asked the property manager if I could sleep on it. She agreed, but said I needed to let her know either way the following day. The next morning, I had a seemingly random conversation with a friend about what Superman’s “S” insignia stands for. You might guess it stands for Superman, but I had just learned in The Flash movie that it represents Hope. As we continued to talk about Hope, I suddenly remembered the little dog I met on my first visit to the new apartment community. This synchronicity felt like a wink from the Universe encouraging me to say “yes” to the Villa. So I did! 

As I mentioned, everything fell into place smoothly once I decided to move here. My old apartment complex didn’t have a problem with me staying 5 days past my lease expiration while the Villa was being renovated. They charged me a higher prorated fee for those 5 days, but that was fine. It saved me the hassle of renting a storage unit or pod and having to move my belongings twice. 

Transferring my electricity service was a breeze online. Even my call to Comcast to set up internet service went well. The friendly customer service rep told me there was no need to return my modem. She advised me to bring the modem to my new place and call to verify the new service had been activated. It was all so simple!

The day before my move, I stopped by the leasing office in the new community to drop off my rent check and sign off on their move-in checklist. That’s when I discovered I couldn’t get the keys to the Villa until 10 AM the next day when the office reopened. They couldn’t give them to me a day early because there were a few things left to do in the apartment. 

This could be a problem. The movers I hired were scheduled to arrive at 8:30 AM. However, my old apartment was on the second floor. Surely it would take them an hour and a half to load up the truck since each trip required traversing a flight of stairs. Well, it turns out that estimation was incorrect. 

First, I was not expecting the moving company to send three young men. I assumed it would be just two. Second, my Virgo sister and I had everything boxed and staged in the living room before they arrived. The guys had the entire contents of my apartment packed in their truck before 9:15! My new apartment was less than 10 minutes away. What were we going to do for 45 minutes while I waited to get the keys? I noticed myself slipping a wee bit into fear when I thought about their hourly rate.

That’s when I remembered how well everything had fallen into place so far. Why would this be any different? This thought helped me release the fear and trust that everything was happening as it should. Of course, the movers were fine with it when I explained the situation. They were getting paid either way! Perhaps they didn’t have time for breakfast, and this would allow them to get some food before unloading the truck. 

Whatever will be will be. Peace had returned by the time we set off for the new apartment complex just a mile and a half away. When we arrived, the office was closed, so I continued to the Villa. What a joyful relief to discover someone had left the door unlocked! Since I had paid and signed the lease, I saw no reason why we shouldn’t start unloading right away.

I couldn’t believe the truck was unloaded and all of my belongings were in their new home by 10 AM! It was such a great reminder to not let fear color my experience. When peace returns and I am not in a place of resistance and fear, things have a way of working out better than I could have expected.

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All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgment.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-4.V.1:1-2

Butterflies, Duck Parades, and the Calm After the Storm

For the past two weeks, I have written about my experience before and during Hurricane Ian. This week, I want to share the experience of the calm after the storm. This hurricane taught me so many lessons I have needed three weeks to process and share all of them. I promise this will be the conclusion of the “storm trilogy.” I hope that sharing these experiences will be helpful to you the next time you encounter one of life’s storms. 

As I mentioned last week, I kept my blinds closed the whole day on Wednesday as Hurricane Ian passed over my home on the west coast of Florida. I knew seeing severe winds battering trees and perhaps seeing objects flying by my window would not contribute to a peaceful state of mind. Thankfully, the last storm bands moved across my neighborhood at about 2 AM on Thursday morning, just an hour after I had fallen asleep.  

Later on Thursday morning, I awoke to the welcome sound of silence outside my window. When I lifted the blinds to let the light in, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two yellow butterflies were flitting and dancing right in front of my window! How in the world did these delicate creatures survive hurricane-force winds? Where did they ride out the storm?

When my gaze shifted past the butterflies to the pond in the center of my apartment complex, I noticed two mallard ducks swimming along as if nothing had happened the previous day. A few minutes later, a family of ducks entered the pond creating a colorful parade of green and brown (with a dash of blue) feathers swimming by the fountain. On the far side of the pond, I spotted a bright white egret wading slowly into the water, intent on finding a fish. This beautiful scene outside my window gave me such hope! Somehow during the most adverse conditions, the butterflies and birds found a way to keep going. That continues to be my prayer for those who lost so much in the storm.

In addition to the return of nature, this new day brought blue skies, sunshine, and much cooler temperatures. After a hot summer and after being cooped up in my dark apartment for 24 hours, it was glorious to open all the windows and feel cool fresh air circulating through my home. It was like hitting a reset button, clearing out old energy, and welcoming the new. What a striking and welcome contrast from the day before.

It was such a gorgeous day that I decided to walk through my neighborhood to get some exercise and investigate what the storm had done. Without electricity or internet, I hadn’t seen any of the images or videos that my friends and family had described. On my walk, I expected to see  numerous trees and branches down, but I was shocked when I saw that winds had literally ripped the bark off tree trunks and peeled paint off street signs. I have experienced other hurricanes but never witnessed that before.

As I walked toward a major intersection, I passed more broken signs, fallen branches, and a traffic light that had been ripped from its wire and sent to the ground. That was sobering. When I arrived at the intersection, the traffic lights were still hanging, but apparently, no electricity was flowing to them. Four police officers were stationed there, directing traffic. It occurred to me how dangerous this job was with so many distracted drivers on the road these days. I felt a wave of gratitude for each officer as I watched from the corner. I wanted them to know how much I appreciated what they were doing, but obviously didn’t want to distract them. 

The female police officer must have felt my gaze and my intention because suddenly, she looked right at me. Without hesitating, I waved and yelled, “Thank you!” She gave me a smile and a nod before returning to her duties. It may sound silly, but my eyes filled with tears for the opportunity to express my gratitude. That’s what A Course in Miracles calls a “holy instant.” It’s the moment we deeply understand that separation is an illusion.

I know my tears weren’t specifically about the police officers directing traffic. It was their job, after all. It was more about recognizing how we humans come together in challenging times to do what’s needed to help each other. You can see evidence of this after every natural disaster. This holy instant inspired me. For the rest of my walk, I dragged large fallen branches out of the street so cars could pass freely. Yes, I waited until there were no cars approaching when it was safe to do so. In the grand scheme of things, this was a minor action. But it made me feel good to know that I had at least contributed something to make the situation better.

These are my last few takeaways from my experience with Hurricane Ian. First, no matter what storm is happening in life, remember this too shall pass. There willbe calm after the storm. Second, just like the yellow butterflies, the mallard ducks, and the egret, life will find a way to continue. And third, after any storm or tragedy people will come together to help each other. That’s what we do when we remember, in Truth, we are one human family.

If you are experiencing the aftermath of one of life’s storms, it would be my great honor to help you clear the path and find ways to move forward. I offer Spiritual Coaching Packages and Family Constellations Sessions to uncover what is preventing you from living the happy, healthy, prosperous life you were meant to live. Please look around my website for more information about these offerings and to schedule a session.  

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In the holy instant there is no conflict of needs, for there is only one.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-15.V11:4

Love in the Sky

It was such a gift to have friends from LA and Miami visit me last weekend. We hadn’t seen each other since well before the pandemic started, so in addition to catching up, they wanted to see the things I love about my new home. Of course, no tour would be complete without bringing them to the beach. On Saturday evening, we went for a walk along the soft, white sand to enjoy the sunset. Mother Nature created another stunning work of art with  streaks of neon pink and orange splashed among the clouds which also reflected in the silvery waves below. The California boys were delighted to feel the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico compared to the chilly Pacific Ocean. It was the perfect way to complete their visit to Florida’s west coast before continuing their journey east to Miami the following morning.

Speaking of Miami, my friend who lives there was able to stay a little longer, so we went for another beach walk on Sunday morning. The weather was gorgeous, so I took her to one of my favorite spots to swim. I couldn’t get over how vibrant the colors were that morning. The different shades of blue in the sky above the rolling turquoise waves looked like a CGI scene from Disney’s Moana. If you haven’t seen the movie, click this link to watch a short video to see what I’m talking about. I must admit the water calls to me as strongly as it calls to Moana! 

As we walked back along the beach to my car, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of those brilliant colors. The sun was very bright by then, so I couldn’t see the images I had captured. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw the heart-shaped cloud in the photo above! I can’t believe I didn’t notice it when I snapped the photo. What a beautiful reminder that love is always there, even when I don’t see it. Given the intensity of the stories in the news this week, this message brought me great comfort. I hope it does for you too.

There are many situations and relationships where it seems extremely difficult or even impossible to find the presence of love. Yet, it is not only possible but imperative that we do so. Letting fear and anger guide our choices will not lead to an outcome that is good for anyone. As challenging as it can be, I have learned the most effective way to move through the world and make positive change is when we let love lead the way. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. You can ask for help from Spirit to see things with the eyes of love and watch the many ways it reveals itself now that you are using spiritual sight. Try it and “see!” 

It would be my great honor to help you see with the eyes of love with a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions or a Private Family Constellations Session. To find out more about both, look around my website or send me an email if you have questions. Now you can book a session directly on my website with my new automated scheduler. I look forward to creating miracles with you!

Until next time, may the presence of love reveal itself to you in miraculous ways.

Each one you see in light brings your light closer to your awareness. 

Love always leads to love. 

A Course in Miracles ~ T-13.VI.10:3-4

What If You Already Have the Bare Necessities?

As many of you know, long before I started doing the work I do now, I was a puppeteer and parade performer at Disney World. Although that was over 20 years ago, once in a while I still have dreams that I work there. Because so much time has passed, in the dream, I don’t know where to get my costume or how to get where I need to be. Most of the time, I don’t make it onto parade route. If I do, I don’t know the dance steps so I just make stuff up and pray nobody notices. As you can imagine, these dreams are extremely stressful. They certainly don’t reflect the joyful experience I had while working there.

A few weeks ago, during one of our A Course in Miracles online study groups, we discussed the idea that each of us always has a Divine Presence accompanying us. Whether we call that presence a guardian angel, God, Spirit, or simply a loving connection to a benevolent Universe, with this belief life feels more peaceful, manageable, and hopeful. I invited the participants to consciously invoke this presence into their awareness before falling asleep at night in whatever way felt right for them. Truth be told, I often forget to do this myself, but that night I remembered. After putting my Kindle on the nightstand, I closed my eyes and imagined myself enveloped in a loving, golden-white light and asked Spirit to watch over me while I slept.

In my dreams, my mind once again wandered back to Disney World, but this time it was different. I was cast as Baloo the Bear from The Jungle Book in a brand new show at one of the theme parks. The stage was gorgeous with hundreds of live green plants and tall palm trees. It also had a magnificent waterfall cascading down over a stone wall into a flowing stream at the front of the stage. The lush greenery, the smell of the dirt, and the sound of the waterfall made it feel like we were actually in a tropical jungle. I remember feeling incredibly grateful just to be there. The fact that this was my place of employment was astonishing. It was a familiar feeling that I experienced many times during my 7 years at Disney World.

Next in my dream, the show director decided to stage the “Bare Necessities” scene with Baloo and Mowgli. I had the sense that the other performers were extremely nervous about this show and this scene. I, on the other hand, was feeling only confident and excited about this opportunity. When the director asked me if I was ready to start, I emphatically answered YES! Having heard and sung this song many times, I knew the words by heart (with the exception of the “prickly pear rap” that Baloo breaks into later in the song.) However, that felt like something I could learn easily with a relatively small investment of time and energy. When the music began, I strutted into the forest happily singing, “Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife!” 

I woke up not long after that scene feeling so happy and hopeful. It felt like a clear message from Spirit that there are new opportunities waiting not only for me but for all of us. We already have all we need within us to start a new, beautiful chapter. True, we may need to invest a little time and energy to hone our skills, but the bare necessities are already there. What a different experience from the stressful parade dreams I usually have! I can only attribute this change to my conscious invitation to that Divine Presence and the remembrance that I never have to do it alone. Now, if I can just remember to do that more often!

Is there is a situation in your life that has you feeling stressed? Quite frankly, that seems like a silly question in 2020. Whatever your belief system, if you are going through an exceptionally challenging time, I encourage you to ask for help. Reach out to a friend, neighbor, relative, your Higher Power, guardian angel, a professional coach or counselor, or all of the above! You don’t have to do it alone. If I can be of assistance with a series of Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session, please contact me by email or look around my website. 

Until next time, may you remember Baloo’s advice and remember that you are truly never alone. 

As evening comes, let all my thoughts be still of You and of Your Love. And let me sleep sure of my safety, certain of Your care…

A Course in Miracles ~ Workbook Lesson 232

The Light of Hope

It’s an interesting time to be alive on planet earth. We are all having to adapt to new ways of living, working, and being very quickly. One of my peers pointed out this week that adaptability is our new superpower. I think he’s absolutely right. Those who are able to adapt quickly will feel and do much better during these unprecedented times. This is an opportunity to see where we are clinging to the old ways and where we are willing to let go and try something new.

Speaking of trying something new, our Miracle Monday study group of A Course in Miracles started meeting virtually this week. I expected there to be a few forgiveness opportunities as I learn to navigate Zoom with a large group. I made a few mistakes, but overall, I was quite pleased with how it flowed. Best of all, no Houston traffic to deal with! I enjoyed the meeting so much that I am offering a second one on Fridays at 5 o’clock Central Time. This is a brand new group that will start from the beginning of the Text so now is a perfect time to join. You can read more about that here.

I have been wanting to offer an online experience of A Course in Miracles for over two years but simply have not set aside time to create it. I guess it’s true that necessity is the mother of invention. Our current “shelter at home” directive has forced me to take action. Now there are two online opportunities! When the Unity of Houston campus reopens, our Monday group will return to meeting in person, but if there is continued interest in the second group, I intend to keep it going. Perhaps it will need to move to another time when people return to their regular schedules, but I will let that be revealed. For now, I am grateful for the motivation to do this.

I know many of you have been severely impacted by the shutdowns and closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic. You may have lost your job, your business, or have been separated from a loved one. If so, please know that I am holding you in my heart with compassion and empathy. There have been many times in my life when things seemed hopeless and I did not know how I would make it through. Yet here I am. Somehow a way through was revealed and I made it to the other side. I am holding that vision and possibility for you right now. And if you can find something to be grateful for in the middle of this chaos, hold on to it. It will be the tiny opening where the light of hope can shine in. That light will help you find your way through. 

After losing her job two weeks ago, a dear friend of mine has been busy creating a business plan, a website, and business cards to launch a new business when the pandemic is over. I’d say she has found the blessing in disguise of losing her job. I will be looking for as many of these stories and blessings as I can during and after this experience. Will you join me? Can you find at least one thing to be grateful for during this situation? It may be too soon to ask that question for some of you, and that’s ok. However, when you have the strength and ability to look for that crack of light in the darkness, and I know that day will come, it will be there waiting for you. 

If I can assist you in finding some light, please reach out. I am currently offering 45-minute Life Coaching sessions by telephone on a Love Offering basis for those who have limited resources because of the pandemic. You can also join one or both of our online A Course in Miracles study groups for some uplifting conversations and connections. These are also being offered on a donation basis. Visit the Miracles page on my website for more information on how to join and donate.

Until next time, may the light of hope illumine your path…

If you give no power to the fog to obscure the light, it has none.

A Course in Miracles – T-12.II.2:2

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