Loosening My Grip

Life reminded me, once again, of the peace that comes from loosening my grip on the steering wheel. Not literally the one on my car, but metaphorically, when I release the need to control or plan every last detail. This weekend, I hosted 8 lovely miracle workers from around the country for a mini A Course in Miracles Retreat. I could not be more pleased with the way everything unfolded. Any concerns I had about coordinating activities for 8 people for 4 days fell away as Spirit worked out all the details for us. 

Despite recent news stories, each participant arrived safely with no significant delays or lost luggage. I’m so grateful that two of the participants decided to rent cars for the weekend so transportation was not an issue. Half of the group arrived Thursday afternoon, but with other preparations on my mind, I had not given much thought to dinner that first night. As we sat in the hotel lobby discussing options, nothing I suggested felt right. Then I remembered to close my eyes and ask for guidance. Suddenly, the Indian restaurant where my dear friends took me to dinner the day I moved to Sarasota popped into my head. When I suggested it, one of the participants said, “You just read my mind! I love to try Indian food when I travel.” The rest of the group agreed, so the 4 of them enjoyed their first meal in Sarasota at the same place where I enjoyed my first meal as a Sarasota resident almost one year ago. How appropriate!

That experience set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Everything flowed seamlessly from one moment to the next without much effort or planning on my part. There was one scheduled event. I rented a classroom at Unity of Sarasota on Saturday where we could gather for “A Day of Miracles.” Over the past few months, while reading the Course, I have been jotting down certain sections that felt like they would be beneficial to read together. I also envisioned some “Family Constellations” style exercises to go along with those sections so we could each have an experience of the teachings. Although we only had time to cover half of the material I prepared, I trust the sections we read and the exercises we did were the right ones. Each experience built upon the last. I had envisioned us walking the labyrinth on Unity’s campus to close our day, so we read the last section and did our final releasing exercise outside. I couldn’t have planned all the healing and miraculous events that happened that day if I tried! Once again, it was a powerful testament to what’s possible when I get out of the way and allow Spirit to direct the flow. 

After “A Day of Miracles,” we went to my favorite Italian restaurant in Sarasota. I can honestly say they make some of the most delicious pizza I have ever tasted. The restaurant is not far from the beach, so I thought we could enjoy a spectacular sunset after dinner. Since that final exercise took longer than I anticipated, we were cutting it close to eat and get to the beach before sunset. My preference is to sit outside, but since sunset was happening in just over an hour, the first available table seemed like a better option. I was a little disappointed when we were seated inside, but our table was in the front of the restaurant next to floor-to-ceiling windows so it was almost like being outside. Shortly after we ordered, the skies opened up and sheets of rain came pouring down on the guests seated outside. They scrambled for cover as we comfortably sat inside finishing our pizza. I’m glad I didn’t get my preference!

That night, we missed the deluge, but unfortunately, we also missed the sunset. By the time we paid the bill and got to the beach, the sun had already disappeared below the horizon. However, we were in such a peaceful state of mind nobody was upset by this. We were still able to enjoy the breathtaking colors illuminating the sky and the calming sound of the rolling waves. The whole scene felt very surreal and dreamlike, which was quite appropriate for a group of Course students. No matter when I visit these gorgeous beaches, I always feel like I’ve stepped into a watercolor painting. This night was no different. It was the perfect way to end “A Day of Miracles.”

Not surprisingly, the rest of our time together flowed with the same ease and grace. It was a big endeavor, but I am deeply grateful that I followed guidance to put this event together. Thank you to those in our weekly ACIM Zoom Group who planted the seed for this in-person event to grow into fruition. And thank you to each of the participants who made the trip to Florida and added their miracle-mindedness which allowed everything to flow so beautifully. Not only was it a great reminder to trust the flow, but I know for sure that my capacity to give and receive love has forever been expanded.

Are you having a difficult time trusting the flow? Is the ego trying to take away your peace with incessant worry about every possible detail? It would be my great honor to help you pull the plug on the ego and reconnect with the guidance of Spirit during a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions or a private Family Constellations Session. Both are powerful ways to gain tools to help you make a different choice. Please look around my website for more information and to book a session

This week, go ahead and make plans. Just leave room for Spirit to work some miracles. 

…you believe that without the ego, all would be chaos. Yet I assure you that without the ego, all would be love.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-15.V.1:6-7

A Humbling Miracle

As some of you know, I have been facilitating A Course in Miracles study groups on Mondays for many years now. “Miracle Monday” started on Monday afternoons at Bridges of Wellness in Fort Lauderdale in 2015 and then moved to Monday evenings at Unity of Houston in 2018. When COVID-19 shut everything down in 2020, we shifted our group online and have been gathering virtually on Monday evenings ever since. 

During those rapidly changing and unprecedented times, our virtual meetings were a safe harbor in the storm for me and many of the weekly attendees. That’s why I felt inspired to start a second weekly study group on Friday evenings shortly after our Monday group began meeting on Zoom. I am so grateful for Miracle Mondays and Forgiveness Fridays. They have been a soul-anchoring way to begin and end my week for the past 2 years.

As things began to open up again this year and people started to venture out more, it became clear that our meeting times were no longer ideal. Rather than discontinue one, I felt a nudge to combine the two groups into one and begin a new tradition on Tuesdays. “Transformational Tuesdays” will start on May 10. That meant this Monday was the last “Miracle Monday” after hosting them for 7 years. Imagine my frustration when I discovered that my internet service cut out around 4 PM on Monday with no information as to when it would be restored!

After two hours and several failed attempts to get in touch with Comcast, I still was unable to access the internet. With just an hour until our start time, I realized I needed a backup plan. I sent a text message to my friend Marina in Houston who has facilitated for me many times in the past. I explained the situation and asked if there was any chance she could cover for me if my internet did not come back online. To my surprise, she replied almost immediately that she could do it! What a relief!

I stayed hopeful that Comcast would resolve the issue by 7 PM and I would be able to get on Zoom to facilitate. No such luck. At 6:45, I surrendered and texted Marina that I still had no internet service. As much as I wanted to be there for the last meeting, I had to trust that it was not meant to be. It occurred to me later that I could have asked my friend who lives only 10 minutes away if I could have used her office for a few hours that night. I have since found out the Xfinity outage also affected her neighborhood and reached as far as Venice, FL which is 20 miles south of me. Whatever happened was big!

You might be asking, where was the miracle in all this, John? You missed the last meeting. You could say the miracle was the fact that Marina was available at such short notice. And that was a miracle. But A Course in Miracles defines a miracle simply as a shift in perception from fear to love. That does not mean things always happen how we think they should. The miracle happens when we are able to remain peaceful even when they don’t. I was not able to be online for the last Miracle Monday, but I was able to relax knowing the group was in good hands with Marina. Despite my absence, there was still a space for people to gather, connect, and share miracles. This is why I created these groups, so there was nothing to be upset about. Although I wasn’t able to change the situation, I was able to change my thoughts about the situation. That’s the real miracle.

Speaking of miracles, if you are having a difficult time as a mom or with a mom and would like to experience a shift from fear to love, please join me on Saturday, May 7, (the day before Mother’s Day) for “Examining the Role of Mom with Family Constellations.” Something truly magical happens when we meet in the Knowing Field to help each other heal from inherited family trauma. Click this link for more information and to purchase a ticket.

This week, may you experience many miraculous shifts from fear to love no matter what appears to  happen.

Miracles are expressions of love, but they may not always have observable effects.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-1.I.35:1

Gold Star for Surrender

Many of you know I like to scatter tiny rose quartz crystals in lakes, streams, and flower beds as a way to infuse a location with the frequency of unconditional love and compassion. It’s a fun ritual I learned from one of my very first spiritual teachers back in 2004 and I have been doing it ever since. Not long after I started this practice, my teacher and I were in a beautiful spot by a stream having a deep conversation when it occurred to me that I did not have any rose quartz stones with me. My teacher agreed it would have been nice to drop a few in the stream, but he reminded me that we didn’t need little pink stones to make it a sacred spot. Just our being there and having that moment made it sacred. I never forgot that lesson. 

Last month, while I was taking one of my last walks in Hermann Park, I decided to toss a few rose quartz crystals around the path as a way to thank the park for being such a blessing during my time in Houston. I only had a handful left so I was being very intentional with where I placed them. Some went on either side of the path where I usually started my walk. A few went under a favorite prayer bench. The lake received a few as well as the spot where I almost walked in front of the train had it not been for a family on the other side of the train tracks! I saved the last piece for my favorite spot under a tree where I did my cool-down stretches and Donna Eden’s 5-Minute Daily Energy Medicine Routine

As I neared the end of my route, I took the last tiny pink stone out of my pocket ready to place it in what I considered the perfect place. Suddenly my hand bumped my thigh and the stone flew out from between my fingers. I couldn’t believe it! I was so close to my destination! I scanned the sidewalk for a minute but was not able to see where it landed. The crystals I use are pale pink and smaller than popcorn kernels so they are not always easy to spot. I could have spent a lot of time looking for it, but instead, I decided to surrender to what happened and trust that the crystal was supposed to be wherever it landed. Although I was disappointed, I remembered what my teacher said about not needing rose quartz to make a spot sacred. My healing experiences under that tree had already done that. 

When I arrived under the tree and bent over to stretch my back and quads, something shiny on the ground caught my eye. Right there on that very spot a gold star was sparkling in the sun. I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud when I saw it. It was a great reminder that I didn’t have to do anything to mark that spot as sacred. The Universe via some graduate celebrating with confetti and a photo op took care of that for me. And, by letting go of my attachment to what I thought was “supposed” to happen, I believe the Universe gave me a gold star in this lesson on surrender. I trust I will remember this experience the next time I find myself attached to a particular outcome, especially one that seems to have more significance. If I surrender to what wants to happen instead of insisting I know what should happen, perhaps I’ll earn another gold star! Of course, the only gold star worth earning is Inner Peace.

Are you having a hard time letting go of your attachment to a particular outcome? I would be honored to help you earn a gold star in surrender with a series of Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session. Both can help you expand your capacity to see things from a different perspective allowing you to let go and trust the process. Please look around my website for more information about both or send me an email to book a session. 

Until next time, may you earn a gold star in all of life’s lessons whether they be large or small. 

If you realized that you do not perceive your own best interests, you could be taught what they are. But in the presence of your conviction that you do know what they are, you cannot learn. The idea for today is a step toward opening your mind so that learning can begin.

A Course in Miracles – W-24.2:1-3

A Recipe for Healing

Many of you know I injured my shoulder during my yoga practice at the beginning of this year. Before that, it had been at least four months since I practiced due to procedures I had to remove basal cell carcinomas at the end of 2019 and an ankle injury that occurred earlier that summer. Needless to say, it has been a long road of healing and surrender in many ways. Yoga has helped me stay grounded, peaceful, and feeling good in my body since 2005. To say I have missed not being able to move and stretch in that way for over a year, especially during this pandemic, would be a huge understatement.

Having been a massage therapist for over 15 years, I knew I had to allow my shoulder plenty of time to heal before rolling out my yoga mat again. I did not want to risk injuring it further. Despite consistently working on the trigger points in my shoulder muscles, it has taken a lot longer to heal than I anticipated. Recently, the Universe brought two skilled healers into my life: an amazing holistic chiropractor and an incredibly intuitive acupuncturist. With their help, my shoulder is back to at least 80% strength and range of motion. For that, I am truly grateful.

With this accelerated healing, I noticed my body craving more than just the simple stretches prior to my daily walk. I felt confident I could do a toned-down version of my yoga routine as long as I was careful and listened to what my body was telling me. One rainy, chilly day this week, my schedule miraculously opened up giving me an entire afternoon free. It was the perfect opportunity to roll out my yoga mat and give it a try, yet I noticed a surprising amount of resistance to doing it. After lunch, I found an assortment of other tasks to do, including opening a pile of mail that had been sitting on my desk for days. Why was I resisting something I knew would help me feel better? 

Rather than beat myself up, I simply observed what was happening. Then I imagined how I would feel if I didn’t practice that day, knowing I had no rational excuse not to. That thought did not feel peaceful, so I lit a candle, selected one of my favorite yoga playlists on iTunes, cleared a space on the floor, and unrolled my mat. As I rested in child’s pose on that aqua blue rectangle of squishy foam, the smell of whatever material they use to manufacture yoga mats filled my nose. The sound of Deva Premal chanting in Sanskrit filled my ears. Suddenly, I stretched my arms in front of my head like I hadn’t been able to do for months and began my practice. I felt like a child who had recently found a long lost favorite toy at the bottom of the toy chest. Before I knew it, an hour had passed. 

Just as I expected, I had to make a few modifications and skip a few poses that my shoulder could not support. And just as I expected, it felt fantastic to get my body and energy moving again in that way. I’ll admit I was a little sore the next day, but it was definitely the good kind of sore. Muscles that had not been used in months were beginning to wake up and strengthen. What a great lesson to remain mindful, acknowledge any resistance with as little judgment as possible, ask what feels most peaceful, and then take action. This seems like a good recipe for many kinds of healing.

Is there something you know will benefit you that you are resisting? Maybe you have been curious about doing a private or group Family Constellations session. It is quite natural for there to be unconscious resistance to doing this work, but once you set your intention to do it, miraculous events unfold. I have seen it happen more times than I can count. Perhaps you have been thinking about getting some assistance through Life Coaching to navigate a current challenge. I would be honored to give you some tools and techniques to help you get to the other side where peace resides. I offer 4, 8, and 12-week packages to suit your needs and budget. For more information or to schedule a session, take the first simple step. Send me an email or visit my website.

Until next time, why not give that recipe a try? Remain mindful. Observe your resistance without judgment. Ask what feels most peaceful in the long run. Then take appropriate action.

Healing is release from the fear of waking and the substitution of the decision to wake. The decision to wake is the reflection of the will to love, since all healing involves replacing fear with love.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-8.IX.5.1-2

A Match Made in Heaven

Last week I had the honor and joy of witnessing my dear friend Melinda get married. The funny thing is, she already had a husband. No, Melinda isn’t a polygamist. The marriage I witnessed was actually the coming together of the right minister and the right church. I met Rev. Melinda Wood Allen last June in San Antonio, Texas at the Unity Worldwide Ministries Conference. We hit it off immediately. Not only did I learn that she is an amazing singer/songwriter, but at the time she was looking for the right spiritual community to continue her calling as a minister.

I saw her again earlier this year at the emPower Posi Music Awards in Tampa, Florida. Her song “Ancestors” was nominated for an award. We had a wonderful conversation in the hotel lobby after the awards show. We laughed and caught up with each other’s lives until almost 1 in the morning. That’s when she shared this profound teaching and prayer with me. Having had a few disappointments over the past few months in her “church search,” she was doing her best to stay centered and peaceful as she waited for an answer from a center where she had recently spoken. Instead of praying that she would get the job, she was simply holding the vision that this center would find the perfect minister and that she would find the perfect church. What a beautiful prayer of surrender and trust. How often do we pray for a specific outcome when, from our limited perspective, how could we possibly know what is the highest good for all?

That prayer really stuck with me. In fact, I shared it with one of my Life Coaching clients the very next day. Instead of praying for God to fix his relationship, I offered that we hold the vision together that both he and his partner find the perfect match. If it’s each other, great. If it’s not, everyone still wins! By the way, this visioning prayer will also work for business opportunities, jobs, and places to live. Instead of trying to figure out what’s best or impose our will, why not pray for the perfect match? Then we can relax and let the Universe orchestrate all the details while we do only the action steps that are ours to do. If it’s a romantic or business partner that you’re looking for, I offer these powerful and comforting words from A Course in Miracles:

There are no accidents in salvation. Those who are to meet will meet, because together they have the potential for a holy relationship. They are ready for each other.

Needless to say, Melinda got the job. Everyone who spoke at the ceremony last Friday said the same thing. It literally was “a match made in Heaven.” Melinda is the perfect, heart-centered minister for the Cathedral of Light in Dallas and the Cathedral of Light is the perfect, heart-centered spiritual community for Melinda. I felt the same immediate connection with the church that I felt with Melinda. As soon as I arrived at the church I noticed the words “Teaching Only Love” written on the outside wall. That felt like a nod to a famous quote from A Course in Miracles: “Teach only love for that is what you are.” It turns out the founding minister of the Cathedral of Light is a long-time student of the Course. I later found out from a congregant that she also loves angels, which is evident by the many paintings and sculptures of angels throughout the building.

Of course, I sprinkled some rose quartz crystals on either side of the entrance to the church to bless everyone who entered with the energy of unconditional love and compassion. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the sanctuary for the first time and saw a row of pink stained glass windows on either side. The sanctuary was bathed in soft pink light, just like I had envisioned when I planted those little pink stones. It was absolutely beautiful and full of love, just like the ceremony and all the wonderful people I met that evening. Everything just felt right. I could not be happier for my friend Melinda or for the Cathedral of Light. In my humble opinion, it is both a match made in Heaven and a holy relationship.

Are you looking for a partner, a career change, or a new place to live? I would be honored to hold the vision of a match made in Heaven and give you tools to help you become a match for what you desire. Please look around my website to learn about the different Life Coaching packages available to assist you. You might also try a Family Constellations session to uncover any hidden blocks that prevent you from the happy, healthy, prosperous life you were meant to live. Simply send me an email with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.

Until next time, together let’s hold the highest vision for the world that we all become a match made in Heaven.

I Can See Clearly Now

Sometimes my life lessons are so obvious I know they will end up in one of my weekly blogs while they are happening. Just the other day I experienced such a lesson. I felt an eyelash or some small object in my left eye while doing stomach crunches. Without thinking, I wiped my eye with the back of my hand and immediately felt my contact lens dislodge and move under my eyelid. Having worn contact lenses since tenth grade, this was nothing new. Past experience told me I just needed to look in a mirror and lift my eyelid to locate the lens and then remove it. It wasn’t terribly uncomfortable so I decided it could wait until after my workout.

Little did I know during that time that tiny piece of plastic continued to travel somewhere in my eye contact lenses were never meant to go. When I looked for it, it was nowhere to be found. Since my whole eye was now red and irritated, I couldn’t feel where it was either. I used the flashlight on my phone to search my eyeball but with no luck. By now my discomfort was growing and I was getting frustrated. I splashed water in my eye thinking it would loosen things up or flush the lens out. That only made it feel worse. The more I searched for the lens, the more irritated my eye became. I decided to give up the search, remove my right lens, and take a shower. Maybe the running water would loosen it for me. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either.

Now I was beginning to panic. It had been in there over an hour. I was nowhere near my trusted eye doctor in Fort Lauderdale and a trip to the emergency room was the last thing I wanted to do. In a moment of inspiration, I googled “contact lens stuck in eye” for some internet wisdom. I followed the suggestions given to no avail. Every tactic I tried only made my situation worse. That lens either found a really good hiding spot or it had already been flushed out. My eye was so angry at this point I couldn’t tell.

That’s when I realized it was time to do nothing and let my eye rest. A dear and longtime friend had asked if I was available for a catch-up phone call that day. I knew talking with her would make me feel better and distract me from my eye situation so I called her. She asked how I was doing and I told her about my eye. Apparently this had happened to her many years ago, but the advice she offered was the same advice I found online. Not wanting to dwell on it any longer, I asked her what was going on with her and we continued our conversation for over an hour. All the while I did my best to ignore the discomfort in my left eye and be present for our conversation.

Then, as our conversation shifted to the topic of deep clarity, I had the urge to go look at my eye in the mirror. I pulled down my lower lid and there was my contact lens folded in half about to drop out of my eye. What a relief and what timing! Of course it revealed itself while we were talking about having deep clarity. The metaphor was not lost on either of us, nor was the life lesson. When we have a problem we usually try everything imaginable to relieve the discomfort as soon as possible. Sometimes the more we try to force a solution, the worse it gets. It is often more beneficial to stop thinking about the problem and focus instead on something that brings us joy or lifts us up. Even though the problem is still there and it may feel uncomfortable, stepping back from it may be exactly what is needed for the solution to reveal itself.

I’m happy to share this little lesson with you so there is no need for you to put yourself through that unpleasantness. It would be my great honor to share more life lessons and tools to help you navigate any situation that is causing you pain. To learn more about Life Coaching or Family Constellations sessions, please look around my website. You can also ask questions or schedule an appointment by sending me an email.

Until next time, if you find yourself caught in a situation that seems to have no solution, I invite you to step back and give it some space. The solution just might reveal itself once you stop trying so hard.

When All Else Fails Try Nothing

Is doing nothing a spiritual practice? It can be. I had a wonderful opportunity to “do nothing” last week when I was trying to make travel arrangements to avoid Hurricane Irma. I was away from my Fort Lauderdale home as the storm made its way closer and closer to the Sunshine State. Her size and strength certainly got my attention and the attention of many others. I heard from friends back home that grocery store shelves were bare and there were long lines at gas stations. Highways were clogged with traffic as literally millions of Floridians tried to get out of harm’s way. Since I had no food in my refrigerator at home, and no pets or children to take care of, it seemed like the best option for me was to stay away and send peaceful prayers from afar.
On Tuesday the airline sent me an email advisory saying severe weather in Florida may impact my travel plans. The email also said they would accommodate changes with no additional fees. I had planned to fly to Houston for an event the following weekend. Since I had a place to stay there, it seemed like a good idea to go directly there to wait out the storm. The first leg of my return trip was from Montana to Dallas, so I thought getting to Houston would be easy. I could even rent a car and drive from there.

Late Tuesday evening after a full day of activities and positive messages at the Big Sky Retreat, I called the airline fully expecting that it would be no problem to change my final destination from Fort Lauderdale to Houston. I was shocked when the representative told me differently. Apparently my request was beyond the parameters of what she was authorized to do because of the distance between Houston and Fort Lauderdale. She could only make that change if I paid a $200 change fee plus the difference in airfare. The total would be over $600! This didn’t seem to be practical or in alignment with the email I received, so I asked to speak with her supervisor. I waited patiently on hold, all the while visualizing the supervisor hearing my situation and telling me it would be no problem to change my flight. I was stunned and a little indignant when the supervisor told me the exact same thing. She apologized and offered to fly me to another Florida airport, but that clearly would not solve my problem. Had she not seen the size and the track of this storm?

It was late and I was exhausted. I had no more energy to put towards a solution that night, so I politely declined her suggestion to fly to West Palm Beach or pay the $600 and hung up the phone. There was nothing else I could do in that moment, so I said a prayer of surrender and went to sleep. The next morning I was still in disbelief at the lack of cooperation from the airline. Instead of another frustrating conversation preceded by a lengthy wait on hold, I decided to do nothing about my flight for the next few days. Having lived in Florida for 25 years I knew a lot could change with the storm. I also knew from past experience that trying to force a solution never ends well. I went about my business and enjoyed the last two days of the retreat trusting it would all work out.
My plan was to visit Yellowstone National Park with my friend Katie once the retreat ended and I saw no reason to alter the plan. On Wednesday evening I received a second email from the airline telling me my flight had been cancelled due to the closing of the Fort Lauderdale airport. I decided to call the airline on our drive to Yellowstone on Thursday. Apparently the Universe had other ideas because I had no cell service the entire way or inside the park. Again I could do nothing.

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening exploring Yellowstone. We enjoyed a spectacular sunset at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and got caught in the midst of a herd of bison on our way out of the park. It was fantastic! By the time we had something to eat and got back to the hotel it was quite late. Now I had cell service so it was time to do something about my flight. To my surprise I only waited for about twenty minutes to speak with a representative. This time when I made my request the woman on the other end of the phone said, “No problem. Would you like a window or an aisle seat to Houston?” What a difference 48 hours made! I almost couldn’t believe my ears. I was in such a place of gratitude for this outcome and for the guidance to surrender for a few days and do nothing.

Is there a situation in your life where you are trying to force a solution? Maybe the answer is to do nothing right now. If you could use some help surrendering, perhaps now is the time to sign up for a four, six, or eight week Life Coaching package. It would be my great honor to assist you through this situation by sharing some of the spiritual tools and techniques that have worked for me. Family Constellations is another great way to let something go that may be preventing you from moving forward. It’s an amazing, one-of-a-kind process that you need to experience to believe. You can join me for an upcoming group event or schedule a private session in person, by phone, or via Skype. Please look around my website for more details about all of these opportunities.

Until next time, if it feels like you’ve tried everything to solve that problem maybe it’s time to try nothing.

Theme Park Prayers

Last week I didn’t send out an email because I was having a wonderful time playing Disney Tour Guide for three adults and a five year old. None of them had ever been to Disney World before, so it was great fun for me to see the parks through their eyes. I honestly don’t know how anyone manages to navigate that place without a guide. However, I believe we all have a guide that can help us navigate any theme park (or life experience for that matter) if we remember to ask for help. Saying a prayer and setting an intention for the day makes a huge difference no matter where you are or what the day holds for you. I had proof of this at Disney last week.
We went to the Magic Kingdom on Day One. Before we began our adventure we huddled in our van to say a prayer of gratitude for being together. We also set the intention to be the presence of love and joy everywhere we went. Minutes after that prayer, I realized that I had left my park ticket in my wallet back in the hotel. Oops! Luckily I had taken a photo of the back of my ticket so I had the ID number. It took less than five minutes for a friendly cast member to issue me a replacement. Despite incredibly large crowds on President’s Day, we managed to ride several rides and find an excellent spot to watch the 3 o’clock parade. After the parade, we went back to our hotel to rest for a while. We returned for nighttime fun and fireworks refreshed and reenergized. I highly recommend this strategy, especially if you have little ones.

For some reason the opportunity to pray never presented itself on Day Two, or perhaps we simply forgot. Even though there were fewer people at the Animal Kingdom that day, things did not flow as well as the previous day. There were many obstacles, including an injured bird that caused the closing of the entrance to DinoLand, USA for over an hour. The day ended with an attraction that broke as soon as we entered the cue line. It wasn’t a horrible day, but it certainly didn’t flow like the first day.

Noticing the difference between Day One and Day Two, I was determined not to forget our Theme Park Prayer on Day Three. I loved seeing the five year old’s eyes light up when I asked her if we could all pray together before boarding the monorail. That prayer worked! The way everything lined up that day was quite miraculous. Thanks to an inspired idea and a handy Disney app, I was able to make breakfast reservations for us at the perfect time at the Polynesian Resort. Although it was drizzling when we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, the rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy the 3 o’clock parade, a few rides, and make it to a restaurant in Liberty Square for a late lunch. During lunch the skies opened up and torrential downpours literally flooded the park. The rain continued off and on for the rest of the day, but we were still able to ride more rides and join the dance party in Tomorrowland. True, our prayer didn’t change the weather, but it sure changed our experience.

Every morning the first thing I do when I wake up is ask the voice of Love to help me make all of my decisions that day. Then I ask these three questions from Lesson 72 in A Course in Miracles

What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?

It’s a wonderful way to surrender to a presence that has more of the answers than I could possibly have. A Course in Miracles has more great advice in Chapter 30:

Throughout the day, at any time you think of it and have a quiet moment for reflection, tell yourself again the kind of day you want; the feelings you would have, the things you want to happen to you, and the things you would experience, and say:

If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day that will be given me.

Whether you are headed to a theme park, the grocery store, or a family reunion, this technique can work miracles. Give it a try and see what happens.

If you’d like some more specific assistance with your particular situation or circumstance, I would be honored to be your guide with Life Coaching based on the loving principles found in A Course in Miracles. I offer four, six, and eight week programs to suit your needs and budget. Family Constellations is another great tool to help clear the path of obstacles that seem to be blocking your happiness and peace. You can find more information about both on my website.
Until next time, may you surrender to the kind of day you have been wishing for and the happy life that is waiting for you.

Did You Figure It Out Yet?


The more I travel along the spiritual path, the more I understand that trying to “figure things out” is one of the biggest traps my mind can fall into. It’s like a deep pit covered with branches. If I’m not careful where I’m stepping, I fall right in. My mind will chew on the same problem, or churn the same decision over and over again, as if I’m stuck in a hole with no way out. I completely agree with that famous quote from Albert Einstein. “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” It takes peace, stillness, and openness to allow wisdom from outside my egoic mind to drop in with the best solution. I hear people say all the time, “I just need to figure this out, and then I will take action.” They may never take action. Or, they might eventually come up with an answer, but will it lead them in the direction they want to go? Once they solve that problem, it won’t be long until Life gives them another one, and they are back in that pit!

Writing my first book has been a great opportunity to pause and do a life review. As I write about the miracles that have occurred in my life (both before and after I was conscious enough to notice them), I can clearly see how everything that has happened has led me to the next thing. In truth, I didn’t have to figure anything out. The River of Life was carrying me along. My part was to remove the fear surrounding any life choice so that I could hear the longings of my heart. Sometimes those heart-based decisions didn’t make sense to my logical mind. For example, it certainly didn’t make sense when I left a full-time job with benefits at Arena Stage in Washington, DC to perform in a traveling puppet show that I knew would only last two months during the busy holiday season. After January 1, I would be unemployed. I did it anyway because that’s what my heart wanted to do. It turned out to be a very wise choice. The puppet training I received helped me to get hired as a puppeteer at the Walt Disney World Resort two years later. That was nothing I could have figured out or planned at the time.

This week I had the honor of being a guest on “Magical Things with Radleigh Valentine” on Hay House Radio. We recorded the show on Tuesday, which will air for the first time on Thursday June 16 at 5 PM Eastern Time. I had no idea when I went to the “I Can Do It!” Conference in Orlando last year that I would meet a kindred spirit soul brother and end up becoming friends with Radleigh. In fact, if I had listened to my logical mind, I would not have gone to the conference at all. It was held only one week after my two week trip to Montana for the annual Big Sky Retreat. My ego said I really shouldn’t go, but my heart said that I was supposed to be there for some reason. So I went! I’m sure glad that I did. I made several new friends at that event, and it led to this opportunity to share Family Constellations with a whole new audience. To me, this is simply more evidence that there is a wisdom beyond my limited perspective that has my best interests, and the best interests of all of us, in Mind and Heart.

Sometimes we need a little assistance climbing out of that pit. Life Coaching can be that helping hand. I offer four, six, and eight week programs to meet your needs. If it seems like you are caught in a recurring pattern, Family Constellations might be just the thing to break the cycle. It can reveal things you had no idea were affecting your life today. Join me for an upcoming workshop, or schedule a private one-on-one session in person, by telephone, or via Skype. Don’t stay stuck in that trap any longer. Please visit my website for more information and to see a schedule of upcoming events.

Until next time, I invite you to get out of your head and into your heart. You don’t have to figure anything out. Your heart is the perfect vessel to carry you smoothly down the River of Life.

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