Trusting the Timing

My sister, Gail, is in town for a visit this week. She takes daily exercise walks too, so it’s been nice to have her company during my morning walk along Sarasota Bay. Walking with her again reminded me of something that happened last spring when she was here. We began walking under clear blue skies with a few puffy white clouds floating overhead. About 20 minutes later, we both noticed a very dark, ominous-looking storm cloud in the distance. And it was heading our way!

Since we were already quite a distance from where I parked the car, we decided to keep going and take a chance that we might get wet. No big deal. We have both walked in the rain before. A little water wouldn’t hurt us.

Well, things got ugly very quickly. The gray storm cloud got bigger and began releasing a few raindrops on us just as we finished crossing a large bridge. As soon as we walked underneath that bridge, the skies opened up and sheets of water pummeled the ground. Other walkers and joggers scrambled to take cover under the bridge, but we were already safely sheltered from the storm. 

As we watched Mother Nature’s show, we commented on how lucky we were to be under the bridge at the precise moment when the torrential downpour began. Had we started our walk five minutes earlier or five minutes later, we would have been drenched! I mentioned to my sister that this experience felt significant given the week were were having.

We had been waiting for some things to fall into place, but everything was moving slower than the sloths in Disney’s Zootopia. (If you don’t know this reference, click this link to see an amusing video clip.) This occurrence under the bridge was a powerful reminder to trust the timing and let everything fall into place as it should. That day we were protected from the storm.

After a few minutes, the storm cloud passed, the rain stopped, and the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds. We resumed our walk in the sunshine with a bit more pep in our step, grateful for the shelter and the reminder.

Yes, we do our part to keep things moving along in the direction of our intentions, but once we’ve done our part, it’s best to let go and stop trying to push the river. Experience has taught me that trying to manipulate things to go faster rarely helps. In fact, it only makes me more frustrated. It feels much more peaceful to trust that things are unfolding for the highest good, even when it doesn’t appear that way. When I keep following my heart and not the paralyzing voice of fear, a way forward is revealed. 

Not surprisingly, this is the message I needed to hear this week so I’m trusting it will be helpful to some of you reading this as well. It can be frustrating when changes we desire seem to be moving at a sloth’s pace. Remembering the story about the rainstorm and the bridge has helped me to relax and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly. Something tells me I’ll be needing this reminder many more times!

Are you having a difficult time trusting the timing of events in your life? I would be honored to help you discern what’s yours to do and what’s yours to release with a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions or a private Family Constellations Session. Both are excellent ways to see the bigger picture and return to peace. Please look around my website to learn more or to book a session with my automated scheduler. No matter where you live, we can meet online to do this healing work using Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. I look forward to working with you! 

Your passage through time and space is not at random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time.

A Course in Miracles ~ W-42.2:3-4

Communication, Timing, and Sunflowers

My friend Maggie Cole has been a Science of Mind practitioner and Spiritual Teacher for over 20 years. I’ve heard her say many times that everything comes down to communication and timing. Just this past week I had an experience that demonstrated the truth of this insight. Since our move in July, an entire corner of our garage has been occupied by 3 large wardrobe boxes and several large artwork boxes. We gave away dozens of smaller moving boxes using the LetGo app in August, but no one took these large ones. Anyone who has moved recently knows the cost of moving supplies adds up quickly. I knew someone could use those boxes. I kept telling myself I would take pictures and post them at the end of the month, but each month I was busy with other things.

As the New Year approached, my partner began talking about cleaning and organizing the garage to make room for both of our cars. One morning over the holiday break, I finally felt inspired to take pictures and post those boxes on the app. When I checked the app the next morning, the first person to respond had already removed their interest, but I got a really good feeling about the second person. This young woman had a sweet profile picture grinning ear to ear next to a sunflower. There were other messages, but something told me she was the one who would get the boxes. 

We messaged back and forth a few times but could not find a time for her to get them. She said she could come later that evening, but experience has shown me that most people on these apps don’t follow through if you don’t set something up right away. I told Sunflower Woman to let me know when she was on her way, but I didn’t expect to hear back from her. I went about my day not giving the boxes much thought. To my surprise, during dinner I received a message from Sunflower Woman saying she and her husband were on their way and would pick up the boxes between 7 and 8 o’clock. I replied “Perfect! Just let me know when you arrive.” That gave me plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely meal with my partner.

I’m happy to report Sunflower Woman and her husband arrived exactly when they said they would and what a delightful couple they were! She was as bright and cheery as a sunflower and he was very friendly too. I learned that he had been out of work for a while, but just got a job in Illinois. They were packing up to start a new life in the new year. Money was tight so they were extremely grateful for the free boxes and packing materials. I couldn’t believe they were able to fit all but one box in their car. They thanked me again profusely when they finished loading up. I told them I was glad the boxes were going to good use and wished them well as they drove away. Moments later, my phone chimed with another message from Sunflower Woman. “Thank you!  God bless both of you.” 

Now I understand why those boxes sat in our garage for six months. I was so happy they went to that sweet couple and so grateful to have more space in our garage to start the new year! It was a win/win, the only kind of win in the eyes of Spirit. Letting go of boxes may not seem like a miracle to you, but it was a shift from fear to love. It was beautiful the way it all unfolded. It just goes to show that when our communication is clear and the timing is right, miracles can happen. Take Maggie’s advice and be mindful of these two ingredients in all of your interactions. For more wisdom from this wonderful teacher, follow Maggie’s blog at

Speaking of communication and timing, I’d like to share one more thing that happened over the holidays. During one of my meditations, I received unexpected but clear guidance to lower the prices of my Life Coaching packages in 2020 so that more people might be able to experience miracles from the life-changing principles found in A Course in Miracles. I absolutely love how Spirit reveals what needs to be revealed and heals what needs to be healed during each sixty-minute session. If you would like to make 2020 a year of miracles, please look around my website to learn more about my 4, 8, and 12-week Life Coaching packages. I have a few weekly appointment times available starting at the end of January.

As we begin this new year and decade, may you remember two key ingredients for miracles: communication and timing!  

Your passage through time and space is not at random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time.

A Course in Miracles – W-42.2:3-4

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