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I felt a connection to John from the moment we spoke. He brings you laughter, as well as tears, and so much growth. I felt very open and able to let myself be guided in meditation and our sessions always had flow. I was able to touch on parts of my life that I had forgotten and buried. Things I needed to bring out and let go. Our work brought me to a place where I was able to let go, as well as continue using the tools I learned to continue letting go. John is loving, genuine, non judgmental, enlightened, as well as enlightening. He is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I urge anyone to take the time for themselves to work with John. You will be very happy with the outcome. John IS what Love would do.

Kate R.

San Diego, CA

When I began the Pathway to Peace with John, I didn’t realize it was at the beginning of one of the most difficult times of my life. What I learned with him gave me the tools, support and compassion I needed to go through everything that was thrown at me and come out stronger than I could imagine. Not only did I survive, but I grew leaps and bounds in the process. It was so nice knowing I had that supportive, non-judgmental one hour phone call to look forward to each week with John. I would encourage anyone seeking growth to talk to John. After just a moment of talking to him, you will feel his warmth and support. What a great experience!

Ana C.

Orlando, FL

Dear John. The day after our session I awoke and felt very happy and “light”, as if the heaviness I didn’t realize I was carrying had been taken away from me. It was a GREAT feeling. You are doing wonderful and amazing things and I benefited from my time working with you.

Claudia C.

Richmond, VA

Thank you, dear John, for your love, light, and guidance. The experience was life changing.

Sudie S.

Pittsburgh, PA

What an INCREDIBLE experience! As you know I was a little trepidatious at first but Spirit pulled me right into the action! (Doesn’t it always happen that way in life?) The Constellation was part emotional cleansing, part spiritual healing … and even part performance art! I found the event so intimate and enlightening and left with an expanded awareness of the impact of events in my life that actually spanned family generations. And the group of individuals who participated were so loving and supportive. Thanks again for such a loving experience!

Ron Smith

Prayer Chaplain - Unity of Pompano Beach

I am still amazed by the depth of the work you facilitated last Saturday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maria C.

Hallandale Beach, FL

Thank you, thank you, thank you for opening my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to the feeling of oneness and love!

Susan M.

Richmond, VA

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